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  • KU Endowment Fast Facts
    • The earliest KU Endowment loan fund was established in 1931.
    • KU Endowment administers 269 loan funds varying in size from $250 to over
      $2 million.
    • Donors are able to establish loan funds based on restricted criteria such as academic unit, the student's geographic location, or they may choose to establish an unrestricted loan fund.
    • KU Endowment provides supplemental financial aid to nearly 2000 students
      each year.
    • All donations to the KU Endowment are tax-deductible.

    If you are not able to find the information you need using the links to the left, we're here to help — contact the KU Endowment Loan Office for any questions and concerns

    For questions regarding your KU Endowment loan, contact the KU Endowment Loan Office.

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