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  • When making a gift online, donors have the opportunity to share why they give — and we find their stories inspirational! Drawing from comments left online from March to May 2013, the word cloud below shows some of the most frequently used words donors use when explaining why they give.

    Read some of the comments we drew from below.

    “I am a 1982 grad of Kansas ROTC and want to support and assist the future officers of the Jayhawk Battalion.”

    “I was involved in Center for Community Outreach in 1996... back in its early days! I went on one of the first spring break mission trips.”

    “The Department of Political Science's D.C. internship program was the first, real occasion that I was away from home for any significant amount of time. It taught me how to deal with new situations, and it gave me unique experiences that I did not have growing up so close to the university. I credit this program for helping me, achieve some of my accomplishments, by teaching me those lessons.”

    “Because of my love for monarchs and my daughter used to work with Monarch Watch.”
    “Sandy Billinger is walking across Kansas for stroke research and awareness — she was a professor of mine and an inspiration!”

    “I want my gift to go to KUMC Department of Family Medicine to be used for medical student and resident activities. I teach medical students and Family Medicine residents in my job, and take every opportunity to support them. I remember FMIG meetings when I was a student, and how people helped me when I was a student, and want to pass it on.”