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  • Each year, more than 6,500 students received scholarships from KU Endowment funds.

    KU general scholarships support incoming freshmen and students transferring to KU from community colleges.

    School or department-specific scholarships benefit students in KU’s schools, departments or programs such as Study Abroad and the debate team.

    Scholarships for residents of scholarship halls assist the academically talented students living in one of KU’s 12 cooperative residences.

    Christina Hixson, of Las Vegas, Nev., created the Hixson Opportunity Awards, which provides 11 KU freshmen each year with $5,000 renewable scholarships.
    Some Hixson scholars share their poignant stories in this video.

    One of the most significant benefits of a gift is the power to transform students’ lives. With scholarship support, KU students have amazing opportunities at their fingertips.

    Watch these students explain how scholarship support helped them flourish at KU.


    At KU, Ansley Bender has found a school with a welcoming community that genuinely cares about her.

    With the help of scholarships, Beth Fentress was able to focus on her studies without the stress of paying for college.

    John Handley wanted to get an education independently, without having to worry about student loan debt.

    The difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition was the deciding factor for Isaiah Logan to come to KU.

    Evan Traylor felt as though KU was truly investing in his education when he received his scholarships.

    Attending KU was kept a family tradition when National Merit finalist Sam Walter was offered a generous scholarship.